You won't stop eating until every last bit of it is gone. Delicious and so moreish! Superb Okazu Iriko


Mizuki Shigeru Road Store

(1) Taste it once and you'll want to enjoy it again and again, inevitably.
Have you ever tasted a bitter and astringent taste when you ate small dried fish without any flavoring? Itakura Hiroshi Shop-made Okazu Iriko, made with the finest sardines, carefully selected for drying. It is exceptionally tasty with less bitterness and astringency!

(2) Healthy with lots of calcium!
Okazu Iriko is small, whole fish containing plenty of calcium and good for your health! Lots of fun with our delicious and healthy Okazu Iriko. Buy for nibbling or for children’s snacks.

(3) The secret is “Three” sardines
The savory Okazu Iriko is a mingling of three sardines, Japanese sardine, Japanese anchovy, and round herring. There is not much difference in their appearance, but the slightly different taste makes you always like it.