Itakura Hiroshi is a long-established seafood store in Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture.
Fresh, fatty fish.
Meaty and filling snow crab.
Thick cured fish, whose umami spreads in your mouth.
A variety of nibbles and snacks. You won’t just eat one.
We have a wide range of high quality, most delicious products all Made in Japan. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
Please stop by Itakura Hiroshi when you visit Sakaiminato.

Product Information

This is a selection of the gems that come highly recommended by Itakura Hiroshi
All of them are very tasty and, of course, we are particular about the ingredients and food safety of these first-class products.
Our products are carefully made, sparing no effort using carefully selected ingredients. They are particularly tasty in a way that cannot be reproduced in mass production.
Unique taste of Itakura Hiroshi. We have many dedicated fans visiting us from abroad. Please enjoy our products!


Customer Feedback


“My family ask me to get Chirimenjako (dried young sardines) every time I go on a business trip to Sakaiminato. I'm not a local person but I am a repeat customer.”
“Itakura’s ray fin is quite thick and meaty! I came back from outside Tottori prefecture to get it again.”

Itakura Hiroshi offers “fine traditional food” that has been loved by local people, not a mass-produced product. Therefore, many of our products are available only in our stores and many customers travel from several hours away to get these unique products.


“I come to Japan to get the niboshi made from sea bream!”

The sea bream niboshi is very rare, even in Japan. In fact, we have enthusiastic support from foreign customers, and some fans who buy it every time they come cruising to Japan.
We highly recommend making luxury miso soup with sea bream niboshi. Sea bream niboshi produces a very flavorful dashi, so your miso soup can be transformed into an exquisite miso soup as served in a luxury Japanese restaurant.


Our Philosophy

Itakura Hiroshi’s philosophy is “We deliver truly delicious food to our customers that can be eaten with peace of mind.” For this, we are particular about our ingredients and manufacturing methods with carefully selected products, rather than mass-produced souvenirs.
Nowadays, you may commonly purchase cured fish, dried seafood and general processed products at mass retailers. However, please try our “fine traditional foods”. “Superb taste!” You will be surprised. The key to its deliciousness lies in the raw materials and processing methods.
In order to produce large quantities of foods in a large factory, it is necessary that the raw materials be obtained easily , making it difficult to carefully select the raw materials. In addition, a lot of additives are used instead of using high quality raw materials.
When you visit Itakura Hiroshi stores, please have a look at the ingredients of our products. You will be amazed at the lack of additives in them. These products use delicious ingredients carefully selected by a fish connoisseur. This does not add any extra work, and the processing brings out the taste of the raw materials themselves.
Our products are amazingly delicious as snacks. Especially, dashi from niboshi, kombu, and katsuobushi will improve your dishes enormously. Please experience the taste of umami penetrating your entire body.


Mizuki Shigeru Road Tourist Information


"Mizuki Shigeru Road, where Itakura Hiroshi opened a shop, is also called Kitaro Road, is beloved by people and is the tourist destination of Sakaiminato.
This road was established in 1993 as part of town revitalization. Mr. Shigeru Mizuki, the very famous Japanese manga artist of Gegege no Kitaro fame, spent his childhood in Sakaiminato.
In 2018, the Mizuki Shigeru Road was refurbished and became a more attractive tourist attraction than before.
More than 170 bronze monster statues line this road for approximately 800 meters from JR Sakaiminato Station.
In the evening, these bronze statues are lit up and you can enjoy a unique atmosphere, The fun monsters you can see in daylight are eerie monsters in the evening. Which would you prefer? Please visit Mizuki Shigeru Road when you come to Sakaiminato."

Store Information


Mizuki Shigeru Road Store

Closed on: Tuesdays and January 1st
Opening hours: 8:30 to 17:00
*Closing days and opening hours are rarely subject to change.

Nostalgic shop located on the Mizuki Shigeru Road,. a tourist destination in Sakaiminato. This store has the perfect range of souvenirs for the many visitors coming from all over Japan and abroad.
In particular, the seafood products have a reputation for high quality and are prized by not only tourists, but also many local customers. If you are looking for a safe gourmet dish made in Japan, please stop by our store.

[Train] 6 minutes walk from JR Sakaiminato Station
[Plane] 25 minutes by bus from Yonago Airport, get off at Sakaiminato Station
[Car] 30 minutes from Kaike Onsen via prefectural road 300 and then Route 431


Fresh Fish Department

Closed on: Tuesdays, January 1st
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from noon to 17:00, Sunday 9: 00-17: 00
*Closing days and opening hours are rarely subject to change.

Itakura Hiroshi has a shop in the market where the long-established seafood shops in Sakaiminato are lined up. Fresh fish from boats that docked in Sakai Port that morning are sold within the day, so of course, it’s freshness is outstanding! In addition, this market is very popular not only amongst tourists, but also with local people because of the low price of fish. If you are interested in local seasonal fish or you wish to buy some, you cannot miss it.
We also ship the seafood you purchased across Japan!

[Train] 30 minutes walk or 5 minutes by taxi from the JR Sakaiminato Station
[Plane] 25 minutes by bus from Yonago Airport, get off at Sakaiminato Station, and then 30 minutes walk or 5 minutes by taxi from the JR Sakaiminato Station
[Car] 30 minutes from Kaike Onsen via Route 431