"This is a selection of the gems that come highly recommended by Itakura Hiroshi
All of them are very tasty and, of course, we are particular about the ingredients and food safety of these first-class products.
Our products are carefully made, sparing no effort using carefully selected ingredients. They are particularly tasty in a way that cannot be reproduced in mass production.
Unique taste of Itakura Hiroshi. We have many dedicated fans visiting us from abroad. Please enjoy our products!"

Our Products

You won't stop eating until every last bit of it is gone. Delicious and so moreish! Superb Okazu Iriko

(1)Taste it once and you'll want to enjoy it again and again, inevitably.
Have you ever tasted a bitter and astringent taste when you ate small dried fish without any flavoring? Itakura Hiroshi Shop-made Okazu Iriko, made with the finest sardines, carefully selected for drying. It is exceptionally tasty with less bitterness and astringency!…

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Excellent to eat for a snack! All-purpose ingredients that you can use for a luxury dashi! Katakuchi Niboshi (Dried Japanese anchovy)

(1)Excellent to eat for a snack
Fresh fish tastes better with fat. But, the ideal Niboshi is made with fish in which the fat is a little reduced, so that it becomes most delicious with a concentrated umami. In general, the larger iriko or niboshi is more bitter because the head and innards are also bigger. Itakura Hiroshi’s niboshi are made with carefully selected fish with an excellent flavor with less bitterness. Please try the superb taste as is.…

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Concentrated umami of Katsuo (Bonito) for a sophisticated taste in your dishes! The Finest Hana-Katsuo (Shredded dried bonito)

(1)Ideal for clear dashi soup.
Katsuobushi (Shredded dried bonito) is an indispensable ingredient for Japanese cuisine, so you cannot talk about Japanese cooking without mentioning this. There are two types of Katsuobushi, Arabushi and Karebushi. After the bonito is boiled, Arabushi has the surface blackened by smoking. Karebushi is matured Arabushi that is allowed to develop a mold. Both are then shredded finely. Hana-katsuo is finely shredded Arabushi that is excellent for clear dashi soup.…

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This is the Umami of “Wa” (Japan). A variety of exquisite Kombu with an elegant and rich flavor

(1)Perfect mineral-rich, nutritious food, and also additive-free!
Kombu is a very healthy ingredient containing plenty of dietary fiber and minerals. The dashi made from Kombu contains a lot of umami ingredients, making it savory with just a little bit of salt. Therefore, healthy-diet customers love kombu. Since our kombu has no additives at all, we have many foreign customers who are fond of our kombu and value the food safety.…

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Perfect accompaniment to beer, Japanese sake, and shochu! The best snack for many drinks Yaki-hagi (Grilled thread-sail filefish)

(1)Seasoned and grilled thread-sail filefish goes well with many drinks.
Exclusive strong umami of the fish with superb sweetness and saltiness. Because of this authentic taste, Yaki-hagi is a perfect accompaniment for various drinks and is always nice. With beer in summer, Japanese sake in winter. You won't stop eating every last bit of it is gone.…

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Soft and crunchy. Very delicious Yaki-Iwashi (Grilled sardine)

(1)Taste it once, you will want to enjoy the particular soft, crisp texture again and again.
Yaki-Iwashi is a grilled, whole small sardine including the soft meat and bones. The texture is very soft and the bone and tail fin are nice and crunchy. This safe food contains lots of calcium. This is the best snack or nibble for a healthy diet, isn’t it?…

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