Excellent to eat for a snack! All-purpose ingredients that you can use for a luxury dashi! Katakuchi Niboshi (Dried Japanese anchovy)


Mizuki Shigeru Road Store

(1)Excellent to eat for a snack
Fresh fish tastes better with fat. But, the ideal Niboshi is made with fish in which the fat is a little reduced, so that it becomes most delicious with a concentrated umami. In general, the larger iriko or niboshi is more bitter because the head and innards are also bigger. Itakura Hiroshi’s niboshi are made with carefully selected fish with an excellent flavor with less bitterness. Please try the superb taste as is.

(2) Ideal for dashi for miso soup
You can make a rich and flavorful dashi from the meaty Japanese anchovy. For the miso soup dashi, the strong umami does not get lost in the miso and will spread in your mouth. It will be very flavorful. We recommend you use our Katakuchi Niboshi to add a strong flavor to any dish.

(3) Plenty of calcium!
Eat uncooked niboshi for a healthy diet. Katakuchi Niboshi is bigger than Iriko and is an ideal accompaniment to many drinks. Many of our customers buy Okazu Iriko for snacks for their children and Katakuchi Iwashi to accompany their beer. Our most popular items!