Concentrated umami of Katsuo (Bonito) for a sophisticated taste in your dishes! The Finest Hana-Katsuo (Shredded dried bonito)


Mizuki Shigeru Road Store

(1) Ideal for clear dashi soup. Katsuobushi (Shredded dried bonito) is an indispensable ingredient for Japanese cuisine, so you cannot talk about Japanese cooking without mentioning this. There are two types of Katsuobushi, Arabushi and Karebushi. After the bonito is boiled, Arabushi has the surface blackened by smoking. Karebushi is matured Arabushi that is allowed to develop a mold. Both are then shredded finely. Hana-katsuo is finely shredded Arabushi that is excellent for clear dashi soup.

(2) Goes great with Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki! Hana-katsuo has a rich bonito flavor. It is also a very delicious ingredient to eat, not just good for dashi. If you sprinkle it on Okonomiyaki (Japanese puncake grilled on an iron plate) or Takoyaki (ball-shaped cake with a small piece of octopus in it), it is as if the Hana-katsuo is dancing in hot steam. In Japan, the appetizing scene is known as "Katsuobushi dancing". If you come to Japan, you will see this delicious scene.