This is the Umami of “Wa” (Japan). A variety of exquisite Kombu with an elegant and rich flavor


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(1)Perfect mineral-rich, nutritious food, and also additive-free!
Kombu is a very healthy ingredient containing plenty of dietary fiber and minerals. The dashi made from Kombu contains a lot of umami ingredients, making it savory with just a little bit of salt. Therefore, healthy-diet customers love kombu. Since our kombu has no additives at all, we have many foreign customers who are fond of our kombu and value the food safety.

(2)How to eat delicious kombu from different areas
Hayani Kombu (Kombu to be cooked)
Our Hayani Kombu was grown in Saomae, Hokkaido. It is perfect for boiled dishes. This kombu softens more quickly than dashi kombu. Easy to cook and a very delicious, popular item!

Hidaka Kombu
Hidaka Kombu is quite aromatic and moderately soft. It is perfect for both dashi and boiled dishes., and of course, local Hidaka people love it. If you have not decided what to cook, Hidaka Kombu is a universal ingredient.

Rishiri Kombu
Rishiri Kombu is good for dashi. Rishiri Kombu has a strong umami and will produce a mellow and gentle dashi. It is useful for any kind of cuisine. It works beautifully when you make dashi with katsuobushi.

Rausu Kombu
Rause Kombu is also good for dashi, with a strong umami. It is perfect if you want to have a kombu flavor for your dish!

Kombu trivia
The pronunciation of “Kombu” is a similar to “Yorokobu”, which means happy or celebration in Japanese. Because of that, kombu is an important ingredient in Japan’s special New Year dishes, as it brings good luck. Would you like to cook with kombu for your celebration meal?