Perfect accompaniment to beer, Japanese sake, and shochu! The best snack for many drinks Yaki-hagi (Grilled thread-sail filefish)


Mizuki Shigeru Road Store

(1)Seasoned and grilled thread-sail filefish goes well with many drinks.
Exclusive strong umami of the fish with superb sweetness and saltiness. Because of this authentic taste, Yaki-hagi is a perfect accompaniment for various drinks and is always nice. With beer in summer, Japanese sake in winter. You won't stop eating every last bit of it is gone.

(2)The soft texture is loved by all generations!
Yaki-hagi looks very crispy, but actually, it is soft and light. So, you can tear Yaki-hagi easily, and it is very popular for snacks or nibbles. Yaki-hagi does not contain any bones. It is perfect for the elderly and kids.

Many of our customers purchase lots every time. Please try our super-popular item!