Soft and crunchy. Very delicious Yaki-Iwashi (Grilled sardine)


Mizuki Shigeru Road Store

(1)Taste it once, you will want to enjoy the particular soft, crisp texture again and again.
Yaki-Iwashi is a grilled, whole small sardine including the soft meat and bones. The texture is very soft and the bone and tail fin are nice and crunchy. This safe food contains lots of calcium. This is the best snack or nibble for a healthy diet, isn’t it?

(2) Universal player for drinks and teas
Seafood delicacies are known as accompaniments to drinks, and our Yaki-Iwashi goes well with bitter teas such as green tea or oolong tea. Nicely soft and crunchy, with plenty of calcium, and perfect with teas. Many of our customers select Yaki-Iwashi for a snack with tea. With a cup of tea today, accompaniments for Japanese sake tomorrow. All of your family can enjoy Yaki-Iwashi in different ways.